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Zora Neale Hurston

About Me:

I’ve been a musician, tree planter, project manager, and a data analyst. I’ve worked in the Canadian publishing industry for ten years.

I am an RStudio and Tidyverse fanatic.

I’m interested in big process oriented projects (Marathon Running, Implementing CASL for Penguin Random House Canada’s email program).

I love making my colleagues and friends’ lives easier (Dashboard Design, Automating personal finance analysis).


Completing Yoga Camp
Throughout quarantine I’ve been trying to improve my flexibility and core strength through daily yoga practice via Yoga with Adriene.

Teaching Myself Woodworking
Using Sketchup and youtube, I’ve put together plans to build myself a desk and custom drawer inserts for our kitchen.

Improving my Data Analysis Skills
I’m reading Hadley Wickham’s R for Data Analysis with a focus on improving my GGPlot skills.

Currently Reading: David Epstein – Range